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A Pennine village that was flooded in the 1960s when Scammonden Dam and the M62 trans-Pennine motorway were constructed.

Scammonden Reservoir

Scammonden Reservoir in the South Pennines supplies water to Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

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Three-wheeled motor vehicle the prototype for which was produced in 1947. The body was a modified aircraft fuel tank, and the wheels also came from an aircraft.

Scottish National Antarctic Expedition

Expedition led by William Spiers Bruce that established the first manned meteorological station in the Antarctic and discovered 212 species of animal life previously unknown to science,.

Scottish poorhouse

Scottish institution, occasionally referred to as a workhouse, provided accommodation for the destitute and poor.

Scottish tower house

Characteristic style of Scottish castle building in the form of a tall tower, surrounded by one or more wings in L or Z-shaped floor plans in its later development.

Screaming skull

Human skull that emits blood-curdling screams when anyone attempts to move it.


Form of divination in which the diviner gazes into a reflective surface, in which visions appear.


Members of neighbourhood-based youth gangs formed in working-class areas of Manchester, Salford, and the surrounding townships during the late 19th century.