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Sea Mither

Mythical being of Orcadian folklore that lives in the sea during summer; also known as Mither of the Sea

Seely wights

Fairy-like creatures at the centre of a shamanistic Scottish cult that existed in the 16th century. Members were able to enter into a trance which allowed them to fly out at night on swallows and join with the seely wights.

Select Conversations with an Uncle

Collection of 12 humorous conversations between George and his uncle, and two reminiscences, by H. G. Wells, first published in 1895.

Sharston Hall

Former manor house built in Sharston, an area of Wythenshawe, Manchester, England in 1701.

Shoddy and mungo

Manufacture of shoddy and mungo, an early form of recycling, was an important industry in the Heavy Woollen district of West Yorkshire.

Shrew of Kentish Town

Redirected to Jinney Bingham, Mother Damnable

Shuttle Eye Colliery

Colliery on the South Yorkshire Coalfield at Grange Moor in West Yorkshire, between Wakefield and Huddersfield on the A642 road.

Sicilian Baroque

Distinctive form of Baroque architecture which evolved on the island of Sicily, off the southern coast of Italy, in the 17th and 18th centuries that has given the island a unique architectural identity.

Sir Alexander MacRobert

Self-made millionaire from Aberdeen

Sir Andrew Agnew, 9th Baronet of Lochnaw

Descendent of an old Scottish family whose main seat was Lochnaw Castle in Wigtownshire, Scotland.