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Sir John Brunner, 1st Baronet

British industrialist, philanthropist and Liberal Party politician who, with Ludwig Mond, created the chemical company Brunner Mond.


Ancient township of four villages, renamed from Shitlington to Sitlington in 1929.

Skelmanthorpe flag

Banner made in honour of the victims of the Peterloo Massacre.

Slack Roman Fort

Slack Roman Fort, a castellum (fort) in the Roman province of Britannia may have been the Cambodunum mentioned as a station on this route in the Antonine Itinerary.

Sleep and his Half-Brother Death

Oil on canvas painting completed by John William Waterhouse in 1874

Small-Scale Experimental machine

World’s first electronic stored-program computer.

Smithills Hall

Smithills Hall in Bolton, Greater Manchester, is one of the oldest manor houses in the northwest of England, dating in parts from the 15th century.


Form of tenure under English feudal property law.


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Society for Psychical Research

Registered charity founded in 1882 to conduct scientific investigations into psychic and paranormal phenomena.