St Peter and St Leonard’s Church, Horbury

Active Anglican church in the diocese of Wakefield, usually known as St Peter’s.

St Piran’s Church, Perranarworthal

Active Anglican church in Perranarworthal, dedicated to Cornwall’s patron saint.

St Stephen’s Church, Astley

Parish church in Astley, Greater Manchester, built in 1968 after its predecessor was destroyed by arson.

Staffordshire acre

Redirected to Cheshire acre.

Standedge crossings

Standedge has been a major Pennine crossing point for more than 2,000 years.

Stanley Ferry Aqueduct

World’s largest cast-iron aqueduct when it was built between 1837 and 1839.

Starfish site

Large-scale night-time decoys created during the blitz of the Second World War to simulate burning British cities, diverting German night bombers from their intended targets.


Redirected to Mine boat.

Statute of Silence 1581

Act of Parliament introducing a series of increasingly gruesome punishments for speaking or publishing anything that Queen Elizabeth I did not wish to hear.