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Sweet Fanny Adams

English phrase that means “nothing at all”, but Fanny was a real person, brutally murdered in 1867.

Swinton Pottery

Founded in 1745 and renamed the Rockingham Works in 1826, the company produced fine porcelainware until 1842.

Sympathetic magic

Basis of all magic according to the anthropologist and folklorist Sir James George Frazer, founded on the idea that things act on each other because they are linked by invisible and secret bonds.


Supervisor in a textile factory responsible for the working of a number of power looms and the weavers who operated them.


Scottish Celtic practice similar to necromancy, in which spirits or demons are conjured up to help achieve some end, or to foretell the future.

Tales of Space and Time

Collection of three short stories and two novellas by H. G. Wells, first published in 1899.

Tam o’ Shanter

Narrative poem by the Scottish poet Robert Burns, first published in 1791.

Tammy Hall

Former piece or cloth hall, a specialist market for selling worsted cloth. Paid for by subscription, the hall opened in 1778.

Tankersley ironstone bed

Named from its outcrop at Tankersley near Barnsley in South Yorkshire.


Babylonian chemist and a royal perfume maker.