Russell Institute

Public building commissioned by Agnes Russell and donated to the Burgh of Paisley as a memorial to her brothers.

Piece Hall

Rare example of a large-scale cloth hall – an exchange for trading woollen and worsted cloth “pieces” – that is largely intact.

Trafford Town Hall

Officially opened as Stretford Town Hall on the granting of Stretford’s charter on 16 September 1933.

Stretford Public Hall

Public hall built in 1878 by the Manchester’s first multi-millionaire John Rylands.

Udny Mort House

In the 18th and 19th centuries body-snatchers, also known as resurrectionists, shush-lifters or noddies, excavated graves to meet the increasing demand from medical colleges for bodies to dissect, as not enough were being supplied from executions.

Free Trade Hall

Public hall constructed in 1853–1856 on St Peter’s Fields, the site of the Peterloo Massacre, now a Radisson hotel.