Winnats Pass

Hill pass and limestone gorge in the Peak District of Derbyshire, England.

Lindow Moss

Raised peat bog in Cheshire, best known for the discovery of the preserved bog body of Lindow Man in 1984.


Dominant landscape of Britain’s uplands, including many of its national parks.

Electric Brae

Antigravity hill on the coast of south-west Scotland.

Cheshire Plain

Relatively flat expanse of lowland in North West England, the surface expression of the Cheshire Basin, an area of sedimentary rocks overlain by Mercia Mudstones laid down about 250 million years ago.

Hob Moor

A local nature reserve and ancient common in York

Rivington Pike

Hill summit on Winter Hill, part of the West Pennine Moors, overlooking the village of Rivington in Lancashire, England.

Winter Hill

The high point of Rivington Moor in the West Pennine Moors is 1,496 feet high and has been the site of mining, a mass trespass, aeroplane disasters and murder.

Blackstone Edge

Gritstone escarpment in the South Pennines rising to 1,549 feet (472 m) above sea level