Ogle SX1000

The Ogle SX1000 is a front-wheel drive Mini-based coupé-style motor vehicle designed by David Ogle, the founder of Ogle Design.

RW Kit Cars

RW Kit Cars Ltd. was an English manufacturer of kit cars, founded in 1983 by Roger Woolley.

Blackjack Cars

Blackjack Cars, founded by Richard Oakes in 1996, is a manufacturer of three-wheeled kit cars based in Helston, Cornwall, England.

Midas Bronze

Mini-based kit car designed by Richard Oakes and manufactured by D&H Fibreglass Techniques, set up by Harold Dermott and Maurice Holt in 1975.

Stimson Storm

Three-wheeled motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson and offered for sale as a kit car.

Stimson Safari Six

The Stimson Safari Six is a Mini-based six-wheeled pickup motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson.