Frederick Becker

Industrialist with worldwide interests in the manufacture of pulp and paper, owner of Ellon Castle estate from 1919–1929.

Sarah Baker

English actor, theatre manager, and one of the most successful self-made women of her time.

John Greenwood

John Greenwood (1788–1851) was the keeper of a toll-gate in Pendleton on the Manchester to Liverpool turnpike, who In 1824 inaugurated the United Kingdom’s first omnibus service.

Ernest Terah Hooley

Ernest Terah Hooley (5 February 1859 – 11 February 1947) was an English financier who specialised in acquiring companies and then reselling them at inflated prices, making himself substantial profits in the process.

Elizabeth Raffald

18th-century English entrepreneur, author of The Experienced English Housekeeper, and possible inventor of the Eccles cake.