Sarah Malcolm

British triple murderer executed in March 1733, sketched by William Hogarth as she was waiting her execution.

Alice Glaston

Probably the youngest female to be legally executed in England, in 1546.

Mary Hobry

French Catholic midwife burnt at the stake in 1688 in London for the murder of her abusive husband.

Elizabeth Brownrigg

18th-century murderer who tortured one of her young domestic servants to death.

Vatersay Raiders

Ten Scottish cottars who were imprisoned in 1908 after illegally setting up homes on the small Hebridean island of Vatersay.

Newgate calendar

Genre of publications chronicling the crimes and punishments of notorious criminals.

Henry Goodcole

Chaplain of Newgate Prison and author of criminal biographies, the most important of which is that of Elizabeth Sawyer.