Coterel Gang

14th-century armed group that flourished in the North Midlands of England, led by James Coterel.

Great Gold Robbery

The Great Gold robbery of 1855 occurred when a routine shipment of gold bullion and coins was stolen from a train in transit between London Bridge and Folkestone, on its way to Paris.

Mary Bateman

Poisoner and thief whose most audacious hoax was The Prophet Hen of Leeds.

Katherine Mayne

16th-century Scottish woman convicted of the murder of her first husband, Alexander Cant.

Alison Rough

Edinburgh merchant and property investor convicted of murdering her son-in-law in 1535.

Margaret Clap

Owner with her husband of a notorious molly house in 18th-century London.

Jack Sheppard

Jack Sheppard (1702–1724) was a notorious thief in early 18th-century London, wildly popular with the poorer classes.

Whipping Tom

Name given to two sex offenders, one in London and the other in the nearby village of Hackney, active in 1681 and 1712 respectively.

Eastbourne manslaughter

1860 legal case concerning the death of 15-year-old Reginald Cancellor at the hands of his teacher, Thomas Hopley.