Mary Lakeland

English woman executed for witchcraft in Ipswich in 1645, one of the few people in England to have been executed by burning after a conviction of witchcraft.

Eleanor Cobham

English noblewoman and alleged sorcerer, forcibly divorced from her husband and sentenced to life imprisonment for treasonable necromancy.

Mary Pannell

Woman associated with witchcraft at Ledston Hall in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Died in 1603, and is said to haunt the nearby woods.

Molly Leigh (witch)

Woman accused by her local rector of being a witch, but never formally charged as such.

Andro Man

Elderly Scottish folk healer executed for witchcraft in January 1598.

Beatrix Leslie

Scottish midwife executed in 1661 for using witchcraft to cause the collapse of a coal pit, killing two girls.

Ann Izzard

Alleged witch attacked by her neighbours in the village of Great Paxton, Huntingdonshire in 1808.