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A Winter Scene with Skaters near a Castle, 1608–1609
oil on oak
40.7 cm × 40.7 cm (16.0 in × 16.0 in)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A Winter Scene with Skaters near a Castle is an oil on oak painting undertaken between 1608 and 1609 by the Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp (1585–1634).[1]

As with a number of Avercamp’s works, the picture is part of the Flemish tradition of painting “the harmony of human activity and the cycle of nature”.[2] He was influenced in his subject by the Little Ice Age, particularly the cold winter of 1607–1608,[3] and was the first of the Dutch painters to specialise in snow scenes.[4]

The painting was acquired by the National Gallery in London in 1891 and remains in its collection, as at 2020.[1]