Front view of red car
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The Aero 3s is a re-bodied and more aerodynamic version of the Campagna T-Rex. It was introduced by Anibal Automotive Design of Canada in 2006. The new body incorporates some features not seen on the T-Rex, such as Lamborghini-style opening scissor doors, side windows, and “an array of phantasmogorical spoilers”.[1] The full fibreglass body kit (unpainted) retailed at $8,500 USD as at 2018,[2] to which had to be added the cost of the host T-Rex.

The body was designed by Hani Harouche, who explains that “I called it the Aero 3S, aero for the more aerodynamic shape [than the T-Rex], and 3S for the three seasons you can actually drive it [in Canada].”[3]



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