Entrance with shops either side
Source: arthurlloyd.co.uk

The Alhambra Theatre in Higher Openshaw, Manchester, England, was designed by the architect H. A, Turner. Intended for use as a music hall, it was opened in 1910 as part of the H. D. Moorhouse Theatre Circuit. The Alhambra had a fan-shaped auditorium with seating for 2000 on three levels: the stalls and two balconies. There was also a box on either side of the proscenium.[1]

In 1914 the rear of the upper circle was converted to become the Pavilion Cinema, which reduced the seating in the main theatre to 1,500. Shortly afterwards the Pavilion became a dance hall and the main theatre was converted into a cinema;[1] it was converted once again in the 1960s, into a bingo hall. The auditorium was finally used as a sporting club,[2] and what remained of the building was used as a restaurant, storage space and glass works.[1] The Alhambra was demolished in 2009 to make way for a new Morrisons supermarket.[3]



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