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Front page of 25 January 1895 edition
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Black and White was an illustrated weekly periodical published from 6 February 1891 until 13 January 1912, when it was merged with The Sphere. Although it did contain some discussion of current affairs, its emphasis was on art and literature, “beautifully illustrated” by leading artists of the time. It featured fiction by J. M. Barrie, Henry James, H. G. Wells, Jerome K. Jerome and Bram Stoker, among many others.[1]

The magazine was an early adopter of the dramatised documentary, with its serialisation in 1892 of the highly influential “The Great War of 1892”, which presented an account of a fictional European war in the form of newspaper reports, telegraph despatches and eyewitness accounts.[1]


  • Charles N. Williamson (1891–1892)
  • Oswald Crawfurd (1892–1895)
  • James Nicol Dunn (1895–1900)
  • Arthur Mee (1901–1903)
  • J. M. Gibbon (1903–1905)
  • Spencer Arnold (1906–1912)