The Buckland B3, designed and built by Dick Buckland of Newport, South Wales, made its first public appearance at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in 1985. Buckland had successfully raced a modified Morgan F Type for many years, and felt that he could improve on it with his B3.[1][2]

The B3’s unusual glassfibre body is hinged upwards just behind the engine to allow access to the rear suspension, while the one-piece bonnet is hinged forwards to allow access to the engine and luggage area. The body tub is attached to a steel backbone chassis. The car uses a front-mounted 1300 cc Ford Kent engine delivering 95 bhp, and weighing only 880 pounds (399 kgs) it has a top speed of 130 miles per hour (209 km/h). Drive to the single rear wheel is via a Ford Escort gearbox driving a propshaft and torque tube leading to a Reliant crown and pinion, and from there by sprocket and chain.[2]

Buckland made only twelve cars before production ceased in 1999, but in its Series 2 slightly updated guise the car returned to the market in 2011, courtesy of Penguin Speed Shop.[3]

Red car
Series 2 car from Penguin Speed Shop
Wikimedia Commons
Manufacturer:Buckland Cars
2011 to date
33 made as at 2013
Top speed:130 miles per hour (209 km/h)


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