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Angels of Mons

Angels who were widely reported as having defended the British Expeditionary Force against overwhelming odds in the first major engagement of the First World War, the Battle of Mons, on Sunday 23 August 1914.

Bealings Bells

Bealings Bells is an early modern poltergeist phenomenon that is reported to have taken place in Bealings House, Suffolk, in 1834.

Bettiscombe skull

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Borley Rectory

Borley Rectory was a Victorian house that gained fame as “the most haunted house in England” after being described as such by psychic researcher Harry Price.

British Premonitions Bureau

The British Premonitions Bureau was set up by the psychiatrist John Barker in 1966 in the wake of the Aberfan disaster. Its aim was to collect premonitions from members of the public in the hope of being able to issue warnings about similar tragedies in the future.


Ectoplasm is a gelatinous substance that exudes from the body of a spiritualist medium during a seance, which the spirits being communicated with are able to mould into shapes allowing them to communicate with the living.


A type of primitive spiritual entity from the pagan past, perhaps the manifestation of a race memory, usually associated with a single place.

Epworth Rectory

Epworth Rectory in Epworth, Lincolnshire, also known as the Old Rectory, is the site of supposed paranormal events that occurred in 1716.

Lady Lovibond

The Lady Lovibond, is perhaps the best-known of the ghost ships that reportedly haunt British waters.

Manchester Mummy

Hannah Beswick (1688 – February 1758), of Birchin Bower, Hollinwood, Oldham, Lancashire, was a wealthy woman who had a pathological fear of premature burial. Following her death in 1758 her body was embalmed and kept above ground, to be periodically checked for signs of life.

Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge, over the Overtoun Burn on the western approach road to Overtoun House, near Dumbarton in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland has attracted international media attention because of the number of dogs that have reportedly leapt from it, often to their deaths after landing on the rocks below.

Peg o’ Nell

Peg o’ Nell is the malevolent water spirit of the River Ribble in Lancashire.


A phantasmagoria is a ghost show developed by the impresario Paul de Philipsthal, also known as Philidor.


A revenant is the spirit of a dead person returned to visit the living, the common conception of a ghost.

Samuel Hibbert-Ware

Samuel Hibbert-Ware FRSE FSA (21 April 1782 – 30 December 1848), born Samuel Hibbert in St Ann’s Square Manchester, was an English geologist and antiquarian.

Screaming skull

Human skull that emits blood-curdling screams when anyone attempts to move it.


Scrying is a form of divination in which the diviner gazes into a reflective surface, in which visions appear.

Society for Psychical Research

The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) is a registered charity founded in 1882 to conduct scientific investigations into psychic and paranormal phenomena.

Spell (magical)

A spell is a verbal charm to be spoken or chanted, sometimes a single magic word such as Abracadabra or the Renervate encountered in the fictional Harry Potter series of books.

Spirit photography

Spirit photography was a technique popular in the 19th century to capture the invisible spirits of the deceased.

Stone tape theory

The stone tape theory is the idea that recurrent hauntings are produced by the replaying of recordings stored in the physical environment, analogously to tape recordings.

The Hooper

A mysterious cloud of mist that often hovered over the Cowloe Rock, near Sennen Cove in Cornwall, warning of approaching bad weather.