Catherine Hayes

Catherine Hayes née Hall (1690–1726), was the last woman in England to be executed by being burned alive.

Catherine Murphy (counterfeiter)

The last woman in England to have been sentenced to be burnt at the stake.


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Certain Personal Matters

Collection of 39 mainly humorous essays and articles by H. G. Wells, first published in 1897.

Chaddock Pit

Pit sunk in about 1820 by the Bridgewater Trustees that was connected to the Bridgewater Canal at Boothstown Basin by an underground canal.

Chambers Book of Days

Chambers Book of Days was the last major work produced by the Scottish writer and publisher Robert Chambers (1802–1871).

Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal

Weekly 16-page magazine started by William Chambers in 1832.


Part of a church containing the altar, used by the officiating clergy.

Chancel screen

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