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The DRK is a three-wheeled kit car produced by DRK Kits of Ellesmere Port, England, between 1987 and 1998.[1] The car was introduced at the Cheshire Kit Car show in May 1986, where its positive reception prompted the formation of the company to build it.[2][a]The name DRK is derived from the first names of the three designers of the car: Derek Callister, Robert Callister and Keith Hamer.[2]

The car has a two front wheels, one rear wheel configuration, with front-wheel drive. Its wooden body is encased in 20 swg aluminium, secured to a steel chassis.[3] The mechanical components needed to complete the DRK could come from a Renault 4, 5 or 6, which gave a choice of engines from 845 cc (51.6 cu in) to 1300 cc (79 cu in) turbo. Kits were available from about £2400, but most customers had the mechanical components fitted by the factory.[4]

In 1990 DRK Kits was sold to a firm of body repairers, Callister & Roscoe; until then building the cars had been a part-time hobby for its designers. Derek and Robert Callister became full-time partners in the new venture, building customised DRKs to order.[2] The Callister brothers decided to retire in 1998 and production ended, by which time 59 cars had been built.[3]




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