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To ensure consistency, single images should be inserted using the Advanced Image block, which allows for effects such as demonstrated here. If the image exists on Wikimedia Commons, then that’s what should be linked to rather than uploading the image to the Engole media library.

Image captions should be inserted using the caption] shortcode, which takes one optional parameter, the source to be attributed. By default, attribution will be to Wikimedia Commons.

Default attribution

caption]This is a caption[/caption]

Specify attribution

To attribute to other than Wikimedia commons:
caption]This is a caption|YouTube[/caption]

No attribution

Leave the attribution parameter blank:
caption]This is a caption|[/caption]

Double images

Ernest Boulton, also known as Stella
See captionSee caption
Boulton as Stella
Wikimedia Commons
Boulton in male attire, 1875
Wikimedia Commons

Double images can be inserted as here. The easiest way to insert your own is to go to the code editor and copy this code into your own article, changing the images, titles and captions as appropriate