Seated woman writing
Source: Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Juliana Horatia EwingEnglish writer of children's stories, whose 1865 book The Brownies gave Agnes Baden-Powell the idea and the name for the junior level of the Girl Guides. (3 August 1841 – 13 May 1885) was an English writer of children’s literature whose short story “The Brownies”, first published in The Monthly PacketMonthly magazine aimed at young women between 15 and 25, published from 1851 until 1899. in 1865,[1] provided the inspiration for Agnes Baden-Powell’s idea for and the name of the junior level of the Girl Guides, the brownies.[2][a]Agnes Baden-Powell was the younger sister of Robert Baden-Powell, and established the Girl Guide movement as a female counterpart to her brother’s Scouting Movement.

Books are listed in order of their date of first publication.[3]

  • Melchior’s Dream, and Other Tales (1862)
  • Mrs Overtheway’s Remembrances (1869)
  • The Brownies and Other Tales (1870)
  • A Flat Iron for a Farthing (1872)
  • Lob Lie-by-the-Fire (1874)
  • Six to Sixteen (1875)
  • Jan of the Windwill (1876)
  • Old Fashioned Fairy Tales (1882)
  • Jackanapes (1883)
  • Daddy Darwin’s Dovecote (1884)
  • The Story of a Short Life (1885)
  • Dandelion Clocks, and Other Tales (1887)
  • Verses for Children (1888)