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Crown Brewery and public house, 1938

Magee Marshall & Company operated from the Crown Brewery in Bolton, Lancashire, England from 1888 until being taken over by Greenall Whitley in 1958.

Bolton-born David Magee was the proprietor of the Good Samaritan brewhouse in Derby Street in 1858. In about 1866 he moved to the Crown Hotel and founded the Crown Brewery on land at the junction of Derby Street and Cricket Street. David Magee died in 1875, after which the business was run by his sons Thomas, John and Joseph. The brewery was extended that same year. In 1885 the Magees took over Marshall’s Brewery in Bolton. Magee, Marshall & Company was established in 1888.[1]

In 1893 a new brewery designed by William Bradford[2] was built in the “traditional brewery style”, with a five-storey section for gravity processing and an ornamental tower.[3] Until the 1950s the company transported water, high in dissolved calcium carbonate, in tankers by rail from Burton on Trent for the brewing process.[4]

The company bought the Wigan Brewery in 1894, and bought or built many public houses in holiday resorts including Blackpool and Southport. In 1910 the company acquired the Alexandra Brewery in Bolton from John Halliwell & Son.[1] In 1958 Magee, Marshall was taken over by Greenall Whitley of Warrington, who continued brewing at the Crown Brewery until 1970. The brewery was demolished in 1984.[1]