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Glover’s map of Brentford, showing Syon House, home of the Earl of Northumberland, who commissioned the map
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Moses Glover (fl. 1622–1635) was an English cartographer, described as a painter-stainer in the marriage licence issued by the Bishop of London allowing him to marry Juliana Gulliver, with whom he had at least two children.[1]

In 1635 Glover was commissioned by Algernon Percy, tenth earl of Northumberland, to map the hundredAdministrative subdivision of a shire. of Isleworth and manor of Sion; the map, drawn at a scale of one inch to one mile, is now on display in Syon House. On it Glover describes himself as a “paynter and architectur”.[1] The historian and politician Horace Walpole considered Glover to have been a significant architect, “much employed at Sion House by Henry, Earl of Northumberland”, and dated his architectural work to the period between 1604 and 1613.[2] Other commentators have, however, been less convinced of Glover’s architectural credentials.[3]

Nothing is known of Glover’s life after 1635.[1]



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