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Pearson & Cox Torpedo 15 H.P. steam car, c. 1913
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pearson & Cox was a British automobile manufacturer based in Shortlands, Kent now part of Greater London. The founders, Henry Pearson and Percy Cox, had been apprentices at the General Engine and Boiler Company when they began to experiment with steam-powered vehicles.[1] The company traded from 1908 until 1916,[2] initially manufacturing steam-powered automobiles, but in 1912 they also began offering a steam-powered motorcycle. By 1913 they were producing both steam-powered vehicles and petrol-powered cyclecars.[2][3]

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Pearson & Cox 3 H.P. steam bicycle, of 1912
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Production of the steam-powered motorcycle only lasted until 1914, when Cox disposed of his manufacturing rights to the Steam Cycle and Motor Company of St Michael’s Road, Croydon.[1]



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