QuoteWhen I wrote these two letters, I considered at that moment that the lives and properties of all the persons in Manchester were in the greatest possible danger.[1]
— William Hulton

Pull quotes like the one displayed here are inserted using the Advanced Gutenberg Table block in conjunction with the {{quote}} plugin, as shown in the first of the following short videos; change the table width and alignment to suit. There is a “feature” of the Advanced Table block that makes it rather tedious to edit right or left-aligned pull quotes, and so the second video shows how that can easily be circumvented, again using the Gutenberg visual editor.

Alternatively you can edit this page using the code editor, and copy and paste the <- - wp:advg/table - - > code block from the top of the page, making the appropriate changes either to the code directly or by switching to the visual editor after pasting and following the method shown in the second video below.

Inserting a pull quote using the visual editor
Source: Engole

Editing a pull quote using the visual editor
Source: Engole

The {{quote}} plugin can also be used to produce indented quotation paragraphs such as the one below:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, sea oblique corrumpit scriptorem eu, et quot bonorum scripserit qui, detracto urbanitas te ius. At duo alia mediocrem, vocent discere reformidans eam ut. Ad viris libris sit, id nam option facilis gubergren. Postea omittam appellantur at eam, integre detraxit eam ne. Vis meis nostrud an, movet vulputate pri te.
— Quo doming quaeque ei

The custom style of a quotation paragraph must be changed from the default “Paragraph” to “Right block” to achieve the correct line spacing.

The plugin takes two parameters, the text to be indented, as in {{quote|Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet …}} and optionally the source of the quote, as in {{quote|Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet …|Quo doming quaeque ei}} Citations can be inserted into either quotation style using the normal {{sfnp}}A guide to the  {{sfnp}} plugin. plugin.