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Rhenish Tower is a Grade II listed structure built in about 1860 on the pier at Lynmouth, in Devon, England. Its original purpose is unclear, and it is now generally considered to be a folly
Ornamental structure with no practical purpose, built to enhance a designed garden or landscape.
. The balconies are a later addition, added because the original construction was considered to be an eyesore.[1]

The tower may have been built as a beacon to guide mariners, but the electric light is a later addition. It may alternatively have been used to store salt water to be supplied for sea baths, untroubled by the vagaries of the weather.[2]

Rhenish Tower acquired the name Rhenish because its design was said to have been copied from a tower on the River Rhine in Germany.[1] The structure was almost completely destroyed by flooding in 1952, and was rebuilt in 1954.[2]