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St Peter’s Church Tollerton is an active Anglican church in the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham, in the parish of Tollerton and the deanery of East Bingham;[1] its foundations were built some time around the 13th century. The church and an adjoining wall attached to Roclaveston Manor were designated Grade II listed buildings on 1 December 1965.[2]

It was customary that the rector was responsible for the maintenance of the chancelPart of a church containing the altar, used by the officiating clergy., and the squire – or more generally the villagers – for the naveCentral part of a church, used by the laiety., but a series of squires did little or no repair work, leading to the nave becoming ruinous. Things changed in 1812,[3] when Pendrock Barry of Tollerton Hall, Roclaveston Manor,[4] embarked on a renovation scheme. He rebuilt the nave, constructed the mausoleum and built a brick extension to the west end that contained a porch with vestries, and a gallery for the use of his family,[3] complete with a fireplace.[2]

Following the death of the rector in 1816, the new incumbent agreed to give the squire a free hand in the church’s redevelopment, and the chancel was rebuilt. Further restoration work carried out in 1909 resulted in the church looking as it does today.[3]


The Forster & Andrews organ was donated by W. E. Burnside of Tollerton Hall in 1909, and installed at a cost of £595. It was overhauled and cleaned in the 1930s by Roger Yates, and an electric console was installed in 1959, when the pneumatic action was converted to electro-pneumatic.[5]



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