Orange and white pickup vehicle

The Stimson Safari Six is a Mini-based six-wheeled pickup motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson. It was introduced into the UK market in 1972, when it was offered for sale by Design Developments at £800, equivalent to £11,200 at as 2021.[a]Based on the retail price index.[1] That price included a hood covering the entire vehicle from the rear to the windscreen, with a zip-up sidescreen that served as the driver’s door. The car was also available in kit form from £270, depending on its level of completion.[2] The Safari Six was in production for about a year before Design Developments went into receivership in 1974, having by then produced about 20 cars.[3]


The vehicle’s glassfibre body is mounted on a steel tubular-frame chassis. It has a fold-down rear bench seat and a lockable underfloor boot.[4]

Engine and transmission

The front-wheel drive Safari Six is powered by an 848 cc (51.7 cu in) Austin Mini engine and gearbox mounted on a Mini sub frame.[2]

Later developments

The rights to the Safari Six were acquired by Automotive Services, who planned to convert the vehicle to use a Ford Fiesta or Peugeot engine and relaunch it as the Shikara, but that never materialised.[4]


a Based on the retail price index.[1]