The Case of Lady Camber is a play by the English writer Horace Annesley Vachell, first performed in 1915. The play was a success in the West End, enjoying a lengthy run at the Savoy Theatre,[1] but was not as well received in New York when it opened at the Lyceum Theatre in 1917.[2]

Following the death in mysterious circumstances of the retired music-hall star Lady Camber, her young nurse Esther Yorke is suspected of poisoning her so she can marry Lord Camber.

Film adaptations

  • The Case of Lady Camber (1920), a silent film directed by Walter West[3]
  • Lord Camber’s Ladies (1933), directed by Benn W. Levy and produced by Alfred Hitchcock[4]
  • The Story of Shirley Yorke (1948), directed by Maclean Rogers[5]



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