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The Monarch of the Glen is a comedy novel by the English writer Compton Mackenzie (1833–1972), first published in 1941.[1] The first of Mackenzie’s series of Highland novels, the story is set in the fictional 1930s Scottish Highland estate of Glenbogle.

Along with Keep the Home Guard TurningComedy novel by Compton Mackenzie (1833–1972, portraying the exploits of the Home Guard on the fictional island of Todday during the Second World War. (1943) and Whisky GaloreNovel by Compton Mackenzie based on the real-life 1941 sinking of a ship carrying a large quantity of whisky, and the local residents' attempts to recover it and hide it from the authorities. (1947), The Monarch of the Glen is one of Mackenzie’s best remembered works.[2] It was the inspiration for the BBC television series Monarch of the Glen, a heavily adapted and updated version of the original story; the only characters who transferred from the novel into the television series are Hector, Mollie and Kilwillie.[3]

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