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The Wizard, published by the Dundee-based media company and “weekly fiction factory”, D. C. Thompson & Co.,[1] was a British story paper published each Friday from 22 September 1922. It ran for 1970 issues until 16 November 1963, when it was merged with The Rover to form Rover and Wizard, the first issue of which was dated 23 November 1963. Rover and Wizard continued for 447 issues until 16 August 1969, when the Wizard name was dropped, and the comic’s title reverted to The Rover.[2]

The Wizard was relaunched on 14 February 1970, and a further 435 issues were published, concluding with the final issue dated 10 June 1978.[2]

Regular features

  • Blazing Ace of Spades; fictional RAF fighter pilot of the Second World War
  • The Q Team; football team assembled by the mysterious Ka
  • Ruthless Ruff; fictional Royal Flying Corps ace of the First World War
  • Wilson the Wonder Athlete; sporting adventures of a heroic character named William Wilson
  • Wolf of Kabul; fictional agent of the British Intelligence Corps in the North-West Frontier Province of British India, in present-day Pakistan