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Agnes Sampson

Scottish midwife, cunning woman and healer; central figure in the North Berwick witch trials.

Agnes Samuel

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Agnes Waterhouse, witch

Elderly Essex woman convicted and hanged for witchcraft at Chelmsford in 1566.

Alice Gooderidge

Staffordshire woman convicted of witchcraft in 1596 on the false testimony of an 14-year-old boy.

Alice Molland

Probably the last person to be executed for witchcraft in England.

Alice Nutter

One of the 11 men and women found guilty of causing harm by witchcraft in the Pendle witch trials of 1612, unique among the accused in being a respectable wealthy widow.

Alice Samuel

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Alison Pearson, witch

Scottish woman found guilty of sorcery, witchcraft and invoking the spirits of the Devil in 1588, then strangled and burned.

Allison Balfour

The 1594 trial of alleged witch Allison Balfour is one of the most frequently cited Scottish witchcraft cases.

Andro Man

Elderly Scottish folk healer executed for witchcraft in January 1598.