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Evelyn Manesta

Alias used by one of the three suffragettes arrested for damaging with hammers the glass of thirteen pictures in Manchester Art Gallery on 3 April 1913.

Exeter Cathedral astronomical clock

Clock showing the time and phases of the moon, the oldest parts of which date to 1484.

Eyebrow Cottage, Sale

Oldest surviving building in Sale, Greater Manchester, built c.1670.

Eyre Crowe

Victorian painter, principally of genre and historical subjects.


Monstrous creature of the Scottish Highlands.

Fairbottom Bobs

Fairbottom Bobs, an 18th-century Newcomen-type beam engine, was used to pump water from a coal pit near Ashton-under-Lyne, is probably the world’s second-oldest surviving steam engine.

Fairy painting

Genre of art and illustration featuring small imaginary human-like creatures with magical powers, often with wings.

Fancy picture

18th-century genre of painting, characteristically portraying an individual or group of individuals engaged in some everyday pursuit.

Fantasia Mathematica

Anthology of stories, humour, poems, etc. on mathematical topics, published in 1958.


British coin with the value of one quarter of an old penny, 1/960 of a pound sterling.