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Manchester Bank

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Manchester Blitz

Heavy bombing of the city of Manchester and its surrounding areas in North West England during the Second World War by the Nazi German Luftwaffe.

Manchester Carriage Company

Company established on 1 March 1865 to provide horse-drawn bus services throughout Manchester and Salford, in England.

Manchester City News

Weekly local newspaper; the first edition went on sale on 2 January 1864, priced at one penny. The newspaper focused largely on commercial and local issues such as meetings of the town council and proceedings in the law courts, but it also included some more general news and book reviews.

Manchester Coalfield

Part of the Lancashire Coalfield. Some easily accessible seams were worked on a small scale from the Middle Ages, and extensively from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution until the last quarter of the 20th century.

Manchester Collieries

Coal mining company with headquarters in Walkden, Lancashire, formed in 1929 by the merger of a group of independent companies operating on the Manchester Coalfield.

Manchester computers

Innovative series of stored-program electronic computers developed during the 30-year period between 1947 and 1977 by a small team at the University of Manchester, under the leadership of Tom Kilburn.

Manchester Courier

Daily newspaper founded in Manchester, England by Thomas Sowler; the first edition was published on 1 January 1825.

Manchester Docks

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Manchester Examiner

Local newspaper based in Manchester, England, published from 1845 until 1894 to promote the idea of Manchester Liberalism.