Front view of 2-storey building
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Hulme Barracks, 2013

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hulme Barracks was a military installation in Hulme, Manchester, England, built in the Georgian style and completed in 1804. The barracks became home to the 15th The King’s Hussars, the cavalry regiment which in 1819 charged into protesters in Manchester in what became known as the Peterloo MassacreCavalry charge on 16 August 1819 into a crowd of 60,000–80,000 that had gathered at St Peter's Field, Manchester, England to demand the reform of parliamentary representation ,[1] during which 15 people were killed and 400–700 were injured.[2][a]The exact number of those killed and injured at Peterloo has never been established with certainty.[2]

The barracks were used to house infantry battalions from 1895 until their sale to Manchester Corporation in 1914.[1] Many of the structures on site were subsequently demolished; what remains today is the former officers’ mess, officers’ quarters and quartermaster’s house. Now converted into flats, Hulme Barracks was designated a Grade II listed building on 16 November 1978.[3]