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770 cc twin-cylinder Royal Ruby, 1913

The Ruby Cycle Company was a British motorcycle manufacturer based initially in Ancoats, Manchester. The firm began as a bicycle manufacturer, but from 1909 built motorbikes under the Royal Ruby brand until 1922.[1] The machines enjoyed some commercial success, despite being relatively expensive owing to the company “ambitiously” trying to make as much as possible on site. But the engines came from either JAP or Villiers, with the Royal Ruby name cast on.[2]

During the First World War production focused on producing munitions and components to support the war effort,[a]Civilian sales of motorcycles were banned by the British government in early 1916.[1] but a move to larger premises in Altrincham allowed the company to resume motorcycle production for sale to the Allies. In 1916 a large export order for their top of the range 976 cc side-valve V-twin was commissioned by the Imperial Russian Army. The motorcycles were produced, but delivery of the order was disrupted by the outbreak of the Russian Revolution in 1919. Although a few motorcycles were delivered to Russia, it is not clear whether all payments were forthcoming.[1]

The Ruby Cycle Company went into liquidation in 1922,[1] and the name and goodwill were bought by Albert Horrocks of Bolton in 1927.[2] Limited production of motorcycles continued until 1933, mainly with Villiers engines[1][b]Production may have ended in 1931, with later models assembled from spare parts.[2]




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