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Melchester Rovers

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Penny blood

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Penny dreadful

Cheap popular serial literature produced during the 19th century, typically a story published in weekly parts, each costing a penny.

Roy of the Rovers

British comic strip about the life and times of a fictional footballer named Roy Race, who played for Melchester Rovers.

Sunny Stories

British children’s magazine intended to appeal to both boys and girls. It began as Sunny Stories for Little Folk in 1926, edited and written by Enid Blyton, although she was only credited as the editor.

The Schoolgirl

Story paper for girls published from 1922 until 1940.

The Schoolgirls’ Own

British weekly story paper aimed at girls, published from 1921 until 1936.

The Wizard (Comic)

Weekly British story paper published from 1922 until 1963, relaunched in 1970 for a further 435 issues.