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Areopagus (poetry)

Supposed organisation of poets centred on reforming English verse, founded in the 16th century.

Arkley S/SS

Re-bodied Austin Healey Sprite/MG Midget, launched in 1971 by John Britten Garages Ltd of Arkley, Hertfordshire.

Arsenic Act 1851

The Arsenic Act 1851 (14 & 15 Vict c. 13) was passed by the United Kingdom Parliament in 1851, during the reign of Queen Victoria in response increasing public concern over accidental and deliberate arsenic poisonings.

Arthington Priory

Arthington Priory, founded in the mid-12th century, was a nunnery or convent that was home to a community of about ten nuns in Arthington, Yorkshire.

Arthur Griffiths

British military officer, prison administrator and author who published more than sixty books during his lifetime. He was also a military historian who wrote extensively about the wars of the 19th century.

Arthur John Lewis Gordon

Diplomat, artist and collector; owner of Ellon Castle from 1880s.

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Assipattle and the Stoor worm

Battle between Assipattle and a gigantic sea serpent known as the stoor worm