Punishment of Incest Act 1908

Act of Parliament making it illegal for the first time in England and Wales for a man to engage in sexual intercourse with any female he knew to be his grand-daughter, daughter, sister, half-sister, or mother.

Anne Jefferies

Young Cornish servant girl endowed with the power to heal and prophetise after being visited by fairies

Dorothy Legh

Born Dorothy Egerton (1565–1639), also known as Dorothy Brereton, Lady of the Manor of Worsley, was a coal owner and benefactor of Ellenbrook Chapel near her home in Worsley, Lancashire.

Margaretha Horn, witch

Woman arrested on suspicion of witchcraft in Rothenburg in 1652, who despite being tortured, vigorously protested her innocence

Diana Beaumont

Eldest illegitimate daughter of Sir Thomas Wentworth of Bretton Hall near Wakefield in Yorkshire.

Statute of Silence 1581

Act of Parliament introducing a series of increasingly gruesome punishments for speaking or publishing anything that Queen Elizabeth I did not wish to hear.

Gertrude Agnew

Biography of socialite Gertrude Vernon, Lady Agnew of Lochnaw, who gained prestige and notoriety from her portrait by artist John Singer Sargent.

Richard Graham

Sorcerer, necromancer and wizard. Executed on the last day of February 1592 as part of the North Berwick witch trials, he was an associate of Francis Stewart, fifth Earl of Bothwell.