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But and ben

Scots term describing the architecture of a two-roomed cottage.

Bute witches

Six Scottish women accused of witchcraft on Bute during the Great Scottish Witch Hunt of 1661–1662.

Buttery spirit

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Byrom, Allen, Sedgwick and Place

The first bank in Manchester, founded in 1771. It collapsed in 1788 when one of its major borrowers declared bankruptcy.


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Ancient Celtic hag goddess who in her various guises shaped the land, controlled the forces of nature, and was responsible for the harsh nature of winter.

Calder and Hebble Navigation

Constructed between 1758 and 1834, the navigation makes the River Calder navigable between Sowerby Bridge and Wakefield in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Caleb Wright

Factory owner and Liberal Member of Parliament, was born in Tyldesley, Lancashire.


Three-wheeled, single-seat cyclecar made in 1920–1921 by the Central Aircraft Company of Northolt, Middlesex. It was one of the cheapest cars on the market.


Type of bituminous coal.