Astley and Bedford Mosses

Astley and Bedford Mosses are areas of peat bog south of the Bridgewater Canal and north of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in Astley and Bedford, Leigh, England.

Blackstone Edge

Blackstone Edge is a gritstone escarpment at 1,549 feet above sea level in the South Pennine hills.

Carrington Moss

Carrington Moss is a large area of peat bog near Carrington in Greater Manchester, England. Originally an area of grouse moorland, it was reclaimed in the latter half of the 19th for farming and the disposal of Manchester’s waste.

Noon Hill

Noon Hill is an area of the West Pennine Moors in North West England. At its summit is a Bronze Age burial mound.

Pennington Flash

A lake formed by mining subsidence in Leigh, Greater Manchester, the largest body of open water in Wigan.

Rivington Pike

A hill summit on Winter Hill, part of the West Pennine Moors, overlooking the village of Rivington in Lancashire, England.

Winter Hill

The high point of Rivington Moor in the West Pennine Moors is 1,496 feet high and has been the site of mining, a mass trespass, aeroplane disasters and murder.