Herring girls

Women and girls who travelled across Scotland to gut and pack fish in the fishing ports on the east coast of Britain.

Euphame MacCalzean

Wealthy Scottish heiress and member of the gentry convicted of witchcraft. A key figure in the North Berwick witchcraft trials of 1590–1591.

Varney the Vampire

Main character in a series of penny dreadfuls produced from 1845 until 1847. The stories introduced many of the ideas represented in modern vampire stories, such as Varley’s fangs leaving two puncture wounds on the necks of his victims.

The Nightmare

Oil painting by Henry Fuseli, depicting an ape-like incubus crouching on a sleeping woman, first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1782.

Trafford General Hospital

Generally considered to be the UK’s first National Health Service hospital, and the first in the world to offer free healthcare to all.

Rag pudding

Savoury dish once popular in the mill towns of northwest England.

Lilias Adie, witch

Elderly Torryburn woman who died after confessing to witchcraft; her face was reconstructed from photos of her skull.

Lady Lovibond

Perhaps the best-known of the ghost ships that reportedly haunt British waters.

The Hooper

Mysterious cloud of mist that often hovered over the Cowloe Rock, near Sennen Cove in Cornwall, warning of approaching bad weather.