The Fuji Cabin is a three-wheeled microcar produced by Fuji Toshuda Motors of Tokyo, Japan, from 1957 until 1958.[1] It was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1955.[2] The car has two front wheels and one rear, and its two-seater body, with a distinctive single headlamp, is constructed of fibreglass.[1]

The Cabin is powered by an air-cooled single-cylinder 2-stroke 121.7 cc (7.43 cu in) Gasuden engine, producing 5.5 bhp (4.1 kW) and giving the car a top speed of 37 mph (60 km/h).

Despite being one of the most successful cars of its type in Japan’s post-Second World War automobile market, only 85 units were built,[1] owing to its relatively high price and the poor quality of its fibreglass body.[2]

Small three-wheeler
Wikimedia Commons
Manufacturer:Fuji Toshuda Motors
85 made
Top speed:37 mph (60 km/h)