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View of the museum from the beach
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The Pendine Museum of Speed was dedicated to the use of Pendine Sands for land speed record attempts. It opened in 1996 in the village of Pendine, on the south coast of Wales, and was owned and run by Carmarthenshire County Council.

For part of the summer the museum housed BabsLand-speed record car built and driven by John Parry-Thomas to a world record in 1926. , the land speed record car in which J. G. Parry-Thomas was killed in 1927. Babs was excavated in 1969 after 42 years of burial on the beach at Pendine Sands, and restored over the following 16 years by Owen Wyn Owen.[1][2]

At the end of September 2018 the Pendine Museum of Speed closed for the last time, demolished and replaced by the Sands of Speed Museum, part of the Pendine Tourism Attractor Project.[3]



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